03/09/14 - Menuiseries Bourneuf are opening their doors

Menuiseries Bourneuf commit to provide access to local schools so as to bring the education community closer to the professional sector in a workplace.

From September onwards, our company has been offering support to teachers who want to provide in-depth view of different sectors of an industry to their students and to show them the different jobs needed to support the operations of a business.

Our company is promoting this approach and is showing its eagerness to share its know-how.

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13/01/14 - Investing in a sealing machine – Wintech M9C

We are proud to present our capital investment in new machinery : the silicon injection machine Wintech M9C.

Our glazing assembly line is now entirely automated and includes spreader-type accessories for ergonomic improvement of the workstation with better handling procedures of our joineries as a result.

The siliconing machine measures the overall dimensions of our joineries. Then, silicon is injected through a nozzle. Pros : high precised technology, efficiency, Thermal and Acoustic performance improvement, and matter optimization (no silicon waste or surplus).

A fully automated line of conveyor and storage units was integrated to this piece of equipment. We are gaining in productivity thanks to this new machinery.

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26/07/13 - Innovative acoustics

Bourneuf - essai acoustiqueBourneuf continues to innovate by upgrading its technology with the obtention in May 2013 from Ginger CEBTP laboratories of new acoustic records for one of the best insulation systems for exterior joineries available on the market.

Combining beauty and comfort, our wood doors and windows meet acoustic demands up to 41 dB Rw Ctr (traffic) for both our rebated and traditional joineries (weather moulding and weather rebate).

Bourneuf continues to explore and develop new acoustic performance systems.

Catégorie : Innovation


05/04/13 - Investing in a spray paint booth

Our company has recently invested in a brand new FINITURE spray paint booth !

Cabine peintureThis month we have installed a new generation paint booth that will help us improve the working conditions of our painters. The booth includes a conveyor system that lifts windows effortlessly. Its production output can reach 20 to 50 complete windows per day.

The booth is equipped with a drying tunnel and a pit to vertically adjust the joinery during the painting operation so as to make joineries handling easy.

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28/03/13 - Welcome to our new website !

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new website. Everything you need to know about Menuiseries Bourneuf is there : our expertise, our products, and our completed projects. You will also be able to check out the latest news from our company. We hope you enjoy visiting our website.

See you soon at Menuiseries Bourneuf !

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