Inauguration Verger Nelson Mandela

02/07/15 - Funding an associative orchard

Through its environmentally responsible commitments, our company has financed an orchard of fruit trees for the inhabitants of the Nelson Mandela social residence, in Mans, France. The Nelson Mandela association initiated the idea of a community orchard shared between residents and three local schools nearby. The official opening was held on Friday, June 26, 2015 in the presence of active members of the association, Mr Pascal Joubert and a few residents.


Verger Nelson Mandela - Le Mans

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26/05/15 - « Maison Montaigne » exhibition in MIAMI, Florida (USA)

Menuiseries Bourneuf have temporarily relocate their roots to American coasts during the Maison Montaigne exhibition that took place in Miami, Florida on May 12-22, 2015, during 3 weeks. Our company took this opportunity to show its delightful joinery work, thus highlighting its knowhow and skills in the woodwork business.

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07/02/14 - Ecoprodduire 72, an active local approach

Our company has taken an active part in the environmental program called “EcoproDDucing 72” pioneered by the chamber of commerce and industry located in Le Mans, Sarthe (France). This eco-design approach has helped us focus more on the impact our activities have on our environment.

Specialized experts have monitored 10 companies based in Sarthe (France), including ours, during a twelve-month period to create awareness and assist each one of us in our own endeavours.


Ouest-France, « L’éco-conception, démarche innovante« , Feb. 2014


Catégorie : CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) / They write about us