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Opening out naturally

Working with a sustainable production tool and materials carefully selected is so obvious to us. Because a fair and sensible use of our resources enhances the quality of our life and work alike.

We ensure an adequate transfer of our expertise through regular training programs that enable the development of a common corporate project, to everyone’s advantage.
Good practices are generally the easiest ones ! We are fully aware of that and we strive to apply them on a daily basis.

Carbon accounting

Carbon Accounting is a process undertaken to measure amounts of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions produced from an organization’s activities ; it is useful for identifying its most polluting activities with a view to initiating changes as part of an approach to continuous improvement. Since we are constantly seeking ways to reducing our environmental footprint, we have conducted the carbon accounting assessment of our activity using the ADEME’s methodology (the French Environment and Energy Management Agency).

Sustainable management of forests

We commit ourselves to select suppliers that implement sustainable forest management practices for each of our wood-based products. Our suppliers must ensure that ecological, economic, social and ethical requirements are met when implementing such practices.

Our social commitment

We consider that human assets are at the core of our company; they represent our most valuable asset, which entails some social involvement on our part. That impels us to ask questions about the changes in the world around us and to seek sustainable solutions in order to fulfil the expectations of the society in which we live.