Inauguration Verger Nelson Mandela

02/07/15 - Funding an associative orchard

Through its environmentally responsible commitments, our company has financed an orchard of fruit trees for the inhabitants of the Nelson Mandela social residence, in Mans, France. The Nelson Mandela association initiated the idea of a community orchard shared between residents and three local schools nearby. The official opening was held on Friday, June 26, 2015 in the presence of active members of the association, Mr Pascal Joubert and a few residents.


Verger Nelson Mandela - Le Mans

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26/05/15 - « Maison Montaigne » exhibition in MIAMI, Florida (USA)

Menuiseries Bourneuf have temporarily relocate their roots to American coasts during the Maison Montaigne exhibition that took place in Miami, Florida on May 12-22, 2015, during 3 weeks. Our company took this opportunity to show its delightful joinery work, thus highlighting its knowhow and skills in the woodwork business.

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29/04/15 - The Royal LA BAULE ***** Hotel renovation

Menuiseries Bourneuf joined the other trade divisions to renovate the Le Royal ***** Hotel in La Baule, FRANCE. The project has just been achieved and the Barriere group has been able to reopen its doors to the public.

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16/03/15 - Opening of a branch in Bordeaux, FRANCE

Menuiseries Bourneuf put down new roots : a new branch is opening near Bordeaux, France !

Menuiseries Bourneuf continue to expand on the French territory with the opening of a new branch in Mérignac, near Bordeaux, in March 2015. After the Alfortville branch in 2012, it is the second branch of our company with a view to remaining close to our customers.

Laurent Gautier, the manager of the Aquitaine branch, will be pleased to welcome you in our new premises to work closely with you for the implementation of new projects !

Street address : Aquitaine branch

13 bis Route de Pessac


Phone : +33 967 293 092

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21/11/14 - Universal Children’s Rights Day

Menuiseries Bourneuf, as sponsor of the 2014 edition and represented by its Chief Executive Officer, Mr Pascal JOUBERT, participated in the Universal Children’s Day organized by the Mans Junior Economic Chamber on November 20, 2014 at the Epau Abbey, France.

The topic of the day was the right to free education and recreational activities.

The event provided the opportunity to our company to offer an oak tree that was later planted on the site that has been set aside for this purpose for 7 years, by elementary school students. This oak tree is the symbol of one of the ten child rights.

The event gave our company the opportunity to take local actions reflecting its values. Likewise, Menuiseries Bourneuf are open to young students for guided tours. With what purpose ? To bring the education community closer to the business world.


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03/09/14 - Menuiseries Bourneuf are opening their doors

Menuiseries Bourneuf commit to provide access to local schools so as to bring the education community closer to the professional sector in a workplace.

From September onwards, our company has been offering support to teachers who want to provide in-depth view of different sectors of an industry to their students and to show them the different jobs needed to support the operations of a business.

Our company is promoting this approach and is showing its eagerness to share its know-how.

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Bandeau-Article Plantation arbre

03/06/14 - Reforestation

As from January 1, 2014, our company has taken environmentally responsible actions by funding the planting of trees for local hedgerows and for the reforestation of state-owned forests.

Our motto is : « Return to the soil the things which we borrow from it »

How can we achieve that ?

By financing the planting of a tree for each consumed cubic meter of wood.

In numeral value : In 2014, we planted 800 trees for 800 m³ of wood that we processed in 2013.

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Ecole supérieur du bois NANTES 1

07/04/14 - Partnership with ESB NANTES

ESB - MOBILIER 1An eco-design project
Through its association with the Institute for Wood industries based in Nantes, France (Ecole Supérieure du Bois de Nantes), our company got the opportunity to join workshops promoting eco-design.

As a responsible company, Menuiseries Bourneuf’s aim is to reduce its environmental impact.

This partnership enabled us to minimize the environmental impact of our products by giving away end-of-life windows and glazing units that were recovered from jobsites to the ESB students.

The students had a week time period to give those end-of-life products a new life. Such technical challenge allowed them to show their skills and served to create unusual, practical and stylish pieces.

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07/02/14 - Ecoprodduire 72, an active local approach

Our company has taken an active part in the environmental program called “EcoproDDucing 72” pioneered by the chamber of commerce and industry located in Le Mans, Sarthe (France). This eco-design approach has helped us focus more on the impact our activities have on our environment.

Specialized experts have monitored 10 companies based in Sarthe (France), including ours, during a twelve-month period to create awareness and assist each one of us in our own endeavours.


Ouest-France, « L’éco-conception, démarche innovante« , Feb. 2014


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13/01/14 - Investing in a sealing machine – Wintech M9C

We are proud to present our capital investment in new machinery : the silicon injection machine Wintech M9C.

Our glazing assembly line is now entirely automated and includes spreader-type accessories for ergonomic improvement of the workstation with better handling procedures of our joineries as a result.

The siliconing machine measures the overall dimensions of our joineries. Then, silicon is injected through a nozzle. Pros : high precised technology, efficiency, Thermal and Acoustic performance improvement, and matter optimization (no silicon waste or surplus).

A fully automated line of conveyor and storage units was integrated to this piece of equipment. We are gaining in productivity thanks to this new machinery.

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